Being a responsible site, we owe the responsibility to describe each and every term which comprehensively not understood by the visitors on our website, cookies are one of them.

Cookies are small text files that that consists of letters and numbers on your computer or device. When any user visits the website certain information is downloaded automatically into the terminal equipment. Such information help and allows the website to recognize users device and also store some information regarding user preferences or past actions.

Use of cookies

Cookies are use for various purposes that help us to enhance customer experience as well as to improve the website experience. It is also used to track the pages visited by the customer within the site. It help you to continue on the website where you left or remember your different preferences such as language settings.

Site experience cookies are impeccably used to support and enhance your experience on the site. It include user-selected options, site navigation and so no. Usually no persona data is collected with these type of cookies.

Cookies are used for site management purposes that comprise recording visitor numbers, customer surveys as well as other web analytic. A partial or limited data may be collected under these processes

We always make sure that the information in the cookies panel is provide to you in a very open as well as transparent way. It also because being a customer you can comprehend how cookies facilitates and enrich visitors experience and help them to make informed choice on the website.

Disabling cookies is unfavorable

If you wish you can disable control and remove cookies, however restricting cookies can affect the functionality of the website. There are several customer interactive functions and non-customer interactive functions on the websites that rely immensely on the cookies. Thus obstructing or disabling cookies can prevent these services to perform at the optimum level and their usefulness can be affected too.