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What is GNCASH all about?

GNCASH is a Hong Kong based online money transfer and exchange service provider company which has global presence. It is among the top online money remittance company.

GNCASH offers seamless services with convenience and safety is tagged while you send money to your family and friends in Africa, Indonesia, Philippines and other parts of the world instantly and that too at a very competitive service cost.

You can hold our hands with confidence as we are a registered company in Hong Kong and work day and night to facilitate world class remittance services to all our valuable customer.

How can I send money using GNCASH?

It is super easy that anybody can do it with his/her fingertips within very short span of time. You have different options to choose how you send money to your acquaintances using GNCASH. Just log in to our website and registered yourself. Then you will only require to follow simple steps to send money of your desired location. Else you can take the assist of dedicated support staff who are always ready to assist you for everything.

How can I pay through GNCASH?

For this you just of have to follow very simple and easy method. There are simply two ways to pay your transfer:

  • • Pay using your Debit
  • • Pay directly using your bank account or bank transfer

Once you successfully created transaction, the requisite details that you need for such payment will be sent to your registered email address.

What are the options for beneficiary to receive money?

  • • The beneficiary can receive it through mobile transfer.
  • • The beneficiary may receive it direct in their bank account.
  • • The remitted money can be delivered at beneficiary's doorstep
  • • The beneficiary can collect the money through our various cash pick-up locations and outlets/partners

What are the requisitions for the beneficiary in order to collect the money?

The beneficiary require two things in order to collect money

  • • Authentic ID proof
  • • Transaction reference

How can I sign-up to GNCASH?

Again, the sign-up process is very simple. All you need to do is to log on to www.gncash.com and register yourself by using your email address. You are requisite to provide basic information about yourself and that's it. It is absolutely free.

Do I need to register to get transfer quote?

Not necessary, you can get the details about charges and fee that have to pay by mere filling the amount you want to transfer and the method of delivery you want.

Is it imperative to have smartphone to use GNCASH services?

No, you can use our services through a website as well. Just log on to www.gncash.com and follow the method as prescribed earlier for your desired transaction.

Does GNCASH facilitates promos and offers?

We intermittently offers various exciting promotions. Keep yourself updated with the latest promotion offers on our website.

What does it mean, when it says, my account is blocked?

You need not to be panic, no major worries at all. It only means that you have to furnish additional documents in order to verify your account and complete your request.

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