Partners and Affiliates

GNCASH Partners

One of the reasons of our huge success is the variety and quality of partners we deals with. They are the working pillars of our efficiently running systems. Our trusted partner includes banks, telecom companies, money transfer agents, mobile money transfer and so on. We also entertains businesses who are consistently in search of ways to pay suppliers in different countries.

These are just not the number or name but to show up, but they are associated with us because they exclusively find comprehensive range of services, lucrative offers and competitive price payout options in almost more than 50 countries around the globe that comprises mobile money transfer, bank transfer, cash pick-up etc.

GNCASH Affiliates

We have great affiliate program for the people who want to earn extra bucks just by giving referral or promoting our services through word, website, blog or Facebook page.

If you possess an active website with fair bit of traffic of readers who send money to the family, friends or acquaintances, you will provide you links and banners for your website that will do the rest of the task for you. Every can earn handsome cash on every successful referral that approach us through your website, blog or page.

Even if you are not very much an active online member, does mean that the opportunity does exist for you. For the people like you we facilitate all kind of support so that you can also earn money by sending new customer to us. Our support system is super easy and convenient to operate.

All you need to do is to fill up the form and get started. In case of any further assistance you can always reach us at